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Fall 2019 Recruitment : OPEN SEPTEMBER DROP-INS

Come to practice! Through September we’ll be opening our Sunday practices to those interested in becoming skaters, referees, or volunteers. A trainer will be available to talk you through the basics, teach you some basic skating skills, or just chat about the league. Drop in and see if derby is for you! Gear available by request. See the rest of this page for more info on joining the league.
                              No pressure. No commitment. No experience required.
Email us or message on Facebook to let us know you’re coming and to reserve gear. We’ll give you the address of our top secret fall practice facilities.
Dates:  Sept 1 – Sept 8 – Sept 15 – Sept 29
Times: 10:00am – Noon
Location: We move around; email us for the address


Informational Documents:
1. Recruitment Handout 2019
2. LRD Gear Recommendation 2018

Watch Facebook for upcoming training events!

Wondering if you’re roller derby material?

If you have the desire and drive to be part of one of the fastest-growing sports in the world — you are roller derby material! LRD includes members from all walks of life: students, working parents, and professionals; former varsity athletes and those who took up a sport for the first time in their 30’s; the swoll, the skinny, and the extra-padded.

We are a league committed to women’s leadership, empowerment, camaraderie, and athleticism, and we want you on our team. If you are interested, read through the attached informational documents. Then watch Facebook for information on Recruitment sessions and Bootcamps, and send our Trainers a message.

Anyone who feels they belong on a predominantly women’s team is welcome to skate with LRD. Referee, NSO, and volunteer positions are open to all.

Interested in joining LRD? Read through the attached documents, see Facebook for our upcoming recruitment events, and if you have further questions, email our Training Committee.

(Interested in transferring to LRD?: email our Training Committee.)